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  • Charged again for same Enterprise Marketing Package

    A certified letter was sent to Visible/Kreative and the following e-mail was sent to Visible/Kreative: To the owners and management of / Kreative / Warhead / Captures / Storeblogs; specifically, Mr.Gil Walker, Mr. Matt Franklin, and Mr. Glen Jones: Please accept this notice as my personal final written and expressed request for a full refund in the amount of $4,400.00, which was charged to my credit card by your company on November 08, 2013. The service this charge was billed for was a duplicate charge, previously sold to me and paid for same services. Following the... More...
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  • They are a ripoff

    This company took me for $4K. I think they write the positive reviews themselves. They lied to me and said the negative ones were from their competitors that use to work for them and they are suing. They lied! Alicia Burnette sold em a bill of goods and then they never produced anything. They claim they have a guarantee, but all you will get is more lies. There is a reason that they go through so much to prove that you took their service and their contract that says that they are responsible to give you nothing. They are a scam!! Not only did they rip me off for $4k, their... More...
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  • Visible great review

    Have you noticed that all of the bad reviews are by people who didn't go with the service. Even one person complained about the sitemap. Guess what I use and they rock. If you listened to what that tell you the sitemap is just a small part of what is needed to compete. If you can only afford a sitemap and not a SEO program you are not a business owner and really have no business selling online, because you will never make a profit being so cheap. Guess what it's a online business. Yes I said business, so treat it like one. Have a business plan listen to your SEO and... More...
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  • no complaints

    I had Alisha from and call me a few days after my website began. She took almost 2 hours of her time showing me how to get things started for my website. I told her I was not able to buy in at the moment in time. She did not care and just explained more on how to get my website going. I had the place my website is through try to charge me several dollars in order to get it turned into search engines. Even though I am not yet with, I called Alisha and she freely spoke with for another hour and told me how I could get my website submitted to search engines myself. I... More...
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  • Great SEO Company!

    Very soon after I launched my first web store, I started receiving calls from various companies selling SEO services. After hearing that I am unemployed with no money to spend on services to enhance my website, all of these sales reps no longer wanted to talk to me, EXCEPT NICOLE AT VISIBLE.NET! She listened to my story and my goals and even though I could not afford to purchase any services, she was very helpful in offering me free tools and services to help get my store on the great web map! Over the past 4 months, Nicole has kept in touch and has continued to offer service and help... More...
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  • Support Team Praise

    Several months ago I wrote to about a certain issue that was causing me great frustration. I just wanted to share that absolutely everything has been resolved!, as a company and all of the employees and management are remarkable! There has been only completely professional, kind and consistent support for my business and my learning process etc. Their business principles, customer support and integrity is an exceptional example of how business should be run within the Internet World. I look forward to having many years of success with my website. Everyone in the... More...
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  • Igotburned

    It sounds like the quality of their telemarketers has gone way downhill since (once called Captures) scammed me. In fact the young gentleman who spoke to me was very energetic, sounded as if he was really a believer in the product, and was thoroughly convincing, even when asked questions about things their websites could do. In fact, anything I wanted in a website was supposedly right there - or would be in a couple of months when they would be bringing out their better than ever web builder! NOT SO! Being new to the internet I had stumbled upon a great little builder that... More...
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  • customer service

    I take full responsibility for buying to the young man's very persuavsive and persistent offer to imporove my website by adding a Site Map. He showed me other sites that had site maps and explained since I couldn't write code for the internet, they could. I paid and waited. When I called, I was set up with an appointment to go over my website. I had already done that with the salesperson, but I listened patiently. I asked for my Site Map and was told it was almost finished. When I called again, I was told to call the same person I had already talked to about my website. No... More...
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  • Great Job!

    A+ Great coaches, mentors, and teachers to have taught someone like myself who didn't even know how too attach a file too an email, who learned computers when there was DOS n Floppy Discs. Now they created a monster. Me! Now I am applying all that I learned from concept, tools, technique everything to run my website. I learned the hard way with hmm hmmm "unnamed company". It was that taught me everything from meta keywords to social networking (organic ranking), google analytics, word tracker just to name a few things the tech staff taught me. The... More...
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  • Thankful

    I really appreciate having you all available to chat with and rely on for ADVICE for my business. I am thankful for the extensive knowledge you are able to share each time I make contact. It is so VERY APPRECIATED! It really gives me some peace of mind to know I have all this wonderful support available to me. Thank goodness for my contact rep too I certainly liked the way he kept in touch with me along the way and NO pressure. More...
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  • Pleased with support and customer service

    I would like to let others know that I have been very pleased with the technical support and customer service I have received during their work on my website. They return calls when they say they will! Many of them answered questions while doing something else! I was a complete computer dummy, and they always showed a lot of class, knowing I must have been driving them nuts! When they didn't know something, they found out! They always had answers ready for me. I know a few times it was during their lunch hour! I am very pleased and plan on having one or two more sites built as soon as... More...
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rippedmeoff says: (6 years ago)
 -1 is a scam. They got me for $4K. Do yourself a favor and run away!!!

lukaszfen says: (6 years ago)
You are biggest scammers, your sales people tell that You build custom websites and after I signed contract your programers are teling me that most important future is not available and of course you will keep my money.

Visiblenet says: (9 years ago)
Read our official response to the previous comment here...

Get Visible, Be Visible

attorneygenerals says: (9 years ago)
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Visiblenet says: (10 years ago)
These folks are apparently very confused about how "do not call" laws work. B2B calls are not the same as B2C calls, besides the fact that they REQUESTED that we contact them by filling out our Web form, and also agreed to the TERMS and PRIVACY rules set in place by submitting the form (clearly states all our policies and procedures). We have given them nothing but help regarding the calls they received. Due to the fact that they own several websites we have several records on file which are not always grouped with one another. I recently called them to make them aware that it was all updated and to explain why it happened. Rather than leave the conversation at that, they have now proceeded to take their complaint online. Since posting this we have attempted to resolve their issue to the best of our ability and see no reason why it should have even been here in the first place as everything has been done that they have requested.

Get Visible, Be Visible

shadowdancers1 says: (10 years ago)
Thought I would update my continuing harassment by this company. I sent them an email through their website feedback form telling them to stop calling me, so they called me SEVEN TIMES the next morning!!!! Since they were calling my home phone number, which is on the do not call list, I reported the events to the appropriate government agency. Didn't hear from them for two weeks (they insisted that they were going to take our information off their records) and yesterday they started calling me again! Why ANYONE would use a company that DOESN'T LISTEN is beyond me. Since they are so incompetent that they can't complete the simple task of getting my phone number off their contact list, I have zero confidence in their ability to actually follow through on any of their promises. At this point, I wouldn't do business with them if they were the last option on the internet! I DO NOT RESPOND TO THREATS OR HARASSMENT! I DO NOT RESPOND TO GUILT! I DO NOT RESPOND TO INFERENCE OF STUPIDITY! I DO NOT RESPOND TO FEAR TACTICS! We listened to their sales pitch and politely said no. Apparently NO doesn't mean NO when it comes to this company!

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